About Us Distressed Family Support : Orphan Children in Ukraine

About Us Distressed Family Support : Orphan Children in Ukraine
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Welcome to our urgent orphan children in Ukraine appeal to upgrade their Ukrainian orphanage conditions!

Ukrainian orphanages special needs aid appeal to help improve  the lives of orphan children in Ukraine.

It was close to Christmas time when our founder “Michael” was in Kiev, it was bitter cold and snowing heavily.

Thoughts of home and warm conversations with family and friends were in his mind.

In an underpass close to heroes square…

Michael noticed two young children huddled together trying to stay warm and support each other through the bitterly cold night.

While all around them were many drunken men shouting and brawling in the street.


“All those who are deeply concerned about poverty,
who want to help to get humanity out of poverty.
Those are my heroes, whoever they are. ~ Nelson Mandela


About Us Distressed Family Support : Orphan Children in Ukraine

Michael just could not imagine just how cold and frightened these poor little children could be.

Tears welled up in his eyes, as he began to realize that these beautiful innocent little kids ( a brother and sister ) were in so much danger sleeping rough out on these unfriendly streets at nighttime.

Our founder took the unprecedented step to phone his friend Marina and ask for her help…

And together they cared for the children overnight and all the next day until they found a UK charity that were able to offer to help them.

Michael was very upset at seeing the plight of these poor little wretched souls that it moved to act…

It seemed like a direct message from God to him that he was being chosen to help give a voice to the orphaned and forgotten children of Ukraine..

So with help from his friend Marina they both established a UK. NGO ( A non-profit organization. ) for the sole purpose of helping and bringing awareness to the daily hardships endured by the orphans in Ukraine.

They paid visits to orphan homes all around the country and witnessed the most incredible poverty, suffering  and distress inflicted on these totally innocent little children.

These unfortunate orphanages have little or no funds to feed and look after their kids welfare.

The buildings are cold and in a severely dilapidated state of repair.

Internal furniture furniture and bedding are in a most awfullest of condition and the poor children are hungry and very, very distressed.

Outside there are little or no proper safe play areas, all are extremely rusted and with structures that are broken and unsafe.

About Us Distressed Family Support : Orphan Children in Ukraine

The majority of these children are classed as special needs and require very special education, but these children are abandoned and are forced to live in total desolate outdated institutions and isolated from general society.

For christian people like Michael and Marina the experience was just overwhelming to bear, followed by many sleepless and very tearful nights thereafter…

Then turning to the very big questions of what to do next and how can we bring the light of the caring world on this so urgent issue?

After many weeks of agonizing soul searching Michael decided on a plan of action!

He would engage with some top world educators to provide an easy to grasp educational system suitable for each of these institutions to implement…

And just as importantly he engaged the services of an expert management and major construction company to prepare the grounds and construct sports fields and safe play areas for the children to use.

We Can Not Do This Alone… We Need Your Help

As you can well imagine all this work is very expensive, we as volunteers can  give of our time for free but,  We Need Your Help to help finance these projects…

God calls on you to help the most needy and vulnerable in our world.




Please Help and Support our very Urgent Cause in alleviating the very Real Plight of the Forgotten Orphaned Children of Ukraine.

Please Give a Gift of Hope Today by <<< Clicking Here to Donate >>> towards Our Orphan Children’s Aid Projects.

May GOD Bless You Today and Everyday!

THANK YOU for Visiting DFS , Michael Kenny ceo, Distressed Family Support.

“One should do all in one’s power to minimize
suffering and maximize happiness. ~ Richard Dawkins



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