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America Failed to Complete its Main Anti-Russia Objective in Ukraine • Stalker Zone

    America Failed to Complete its Main Anti-Russia Objective in Ukraine • Stalker Zone
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    The former head of the Israeli intelligence agency “Nativ” Yakov Kedmi said on the air of the “Rossiya 1” TV channel that all plans for weakening Russia in the Ukrainian direction have failed.

    Kedmi considers that the main proof of this is the change of course in the foreign policy of Washington and the European Union in relation to Kiev.

    “The American president does not know why the hell he needs this Ukraine or where it fits into the national interests of the US,” he said.

    At the same time, Kedmi emphasised that when in 2014 in Ukraine there was a coup d’etat, the US hoped to come closer to the borders of Russia, however as a result these attempts failed, and now the leaders of western countries pay less attention to Ukraine.

    “The main objective of the ‘maidanification’ of Ukraine is to strike a fatal blow on Russia, having taken Ukraine and moved the American fleet and bases to Rostov. All of this failed,” said the Israeli expert.

    He emphasised that the result was completely the opposite, and since that moment Russia became much stronger. In addition, Kedmi noted that during this time the European Union lost its political weight and also started to pay less attention to Ukraine. “Today Europe gives little thought about Ukraine,” added Kedmi.

    The political scientist and Vice President of the Modern Diplomacy Development Fund Dmitry Perlin stated on the air of Radio Sputnik that the West, especially Europe, is tired of Ukraine’s problems.

    “The West is, of course, tired of the conflict that was initiated by (the former president of Ukraine Petro) Poroshenko, having launched the war in Donbass. Europe first and foremost is tired of it because Europe needs stability, it is experiencing a crisis, therefore a partnership with Russia is very important for Germany and other leading European countries. Perhaps it is for this reason that (the president of France Emmanuel) Macron even before the end of the Ukrainian electoral campaign actually expressed support for (the current president of Ukraine Vladimir) Zelensky, who considerably softened the rhetoric in comparison with Poroshenko,” said Dmitry Perlin.

    According to him, Europe, while maintaining the general course of the West towards the economic absorption of Ukraine, will simultaneously try to help mitigate the political confrontation with Russia.

    “In general no cardinal changes are expected, Ukraine will continue to receive loans from the IMF and other international structures. And, on the other hand, probably, Western companies will actively raise the question of redistributing Ukrainian state and private property in their own favour, especially objects of the energy and transport infrastructure. So in this sense the common line of the West in Ukraine, most likely, will remain invariable. And Europe’s participation in the search for a compromise between Russia and Ukraine is quite likely,” considers Dmitry Perlin.

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