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Best Ukraine Eurovision 2019 Vidbir

Best Ukraine Eurovision 2019 Vidbir
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Awesome, My top 16 from Australia of Ukraine’s national final preselection for Eurovision Song Contest 2019 – Vidbir.

Good luck to Ukraine and all of the artists!

Songs / Artists:

Anna Maria – My Road
Bahroma – Назавжди-навсегда
Braii – Maybe
Brunettes Shoot Blondes – Houston
Freedom Jazz – Cupidon
Ivan Navi – All for the Love
Kazka – Apart
Khayat – Ever
Kira Mazur – Дихати
Laud – 2 дні
Letay – Мила моя
Maruv – Siren Song
The Hypnotunez – Hey
Віра Кекелія – Wow
Yuko – Галина гуляла
ЦеШо – Hate

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