COVID-19 Clinical Surgical Ventilator Assembled in Days

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A simple Coronavirus COVID-19 therapeutic medical ventilator that can be assembled for emergency use in a matter of days.

After first studying how the ventilators operated the challenge was to design a healthy safe operating model.

Oxygen as you know is a very reactive gas, which prevents the use of many motors and electrical equipment.

Normal air-operated cylinders can only work on regular air, and not pure oxygen, so they can’t be used.

The breakthrough idea was to replace the normal hypodermic syringe with an oxygen-powered ram.

How the Coronavirus COVID-19 ventilator works.

A valve transfers oxygen to the syringe, which compresses a self-inflating gas reservoir that provides 400 ml of air directly to the patients ‘lungs.

A two-port valve and the ‘throw-over’ mechanism allow the ram to reciprocate.

In order to save and conserve oxygen, the waste gas is fed into a reservoir to enrich the patient’s air supply.

The ventilator is driven and controlled entirely from the delivery of hospital oxygen to the patient without the need for electricity.

The number of cycles per minute, the volume of air delivered and the air pressure can all be controlled according to the needs of the patient.



Gtech COVID-19 Ventilator Overview.



Gtech Ventilator assembly.



Gtech Ventilator calibration.



We have developed the ventilator entirely from readily available components.

It can conveniently be made from stock materials purchased off- the-shelf.

This means that ventilators can be built by virtually every electronics and production firm in the world.


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