Ukrainian Music

DNIPRO – COLOR MUSIC Kids Choir Ukraine

DNIPRO – COLOR MUSIC Kids Choir Ukraine
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Champion Dnipro – COLOR MUSIC Children’s Choir (Ukraine, Dnipro)


Glorious our city, friendly always,
Here courage and the legend, life without sadness.
Under the heart of the Motherland-our affectionate home,
The mighty Dnieper is growing, and we are with it!

The river flows wide, sings for us,
Watch carefully: waves slow down time.
There are many cities in the world, but still –
We will always return to our native Dnipro! To The Dnieper!

Magic our city, the best of the Dnieper!
You’re very dear, to all of us the Dnieper!
Happy we with you, rejoice with you!
Sing with you, Dnepr!

With the spring bloom to your Bank,
Our bridges have connected us forever.
We will make our gentle home even better,
May he flourish and we with him!

“Live in city of is identically!”we’ll tell everyone,
The future and the present are United in it.
Let’s decorate it with songs,
Therefore, we will sing about the city of Dnipro!!! On The Dnieper!!!


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