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Handmade Heart Bar for Therapeutic Horse Shoeing

Handmade Heart Bar for Therapeutic Horse Shoeing
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Amazing Handmade Heart Bar Therapeutic Horse Shoeing for an Injured Race Horse. 

Here’s an interesting case!

A young race horse lost a lot of hoof wall causing some corium to be exposed.

We made a handmade shoe designed for custom nailing, a heart bar frog plate and a toe clip!

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hey everybody I’m Li withhold sneak one

today we’ve got a young racehorse at

Tora large part of his foot off and it’s

normally not a big deal but the corium

is exposed so we need to get it

protected so it’ll grow out and I used a

heart bar shoe to transfer weight to the

Frog so that I could float it under the

affected area where you see the gap

under where it’s missing so it can grow

out stress free I’ll walk you through

how you went about making our handmade

heart bar shoe it starts with a piece of

our stock and right now and make it a

heel and this is the lateral heel and

it’s different from the medial because

we want it nice and chunky and a little

wider than the inside one also known as

a medial so that’s why I’m kind of

packing it in there so it has a little

more laterals

right now I’m tightening the toe and put

in a hind shape in the shoe so that it

fits a lot better you can see me

measuring every time I stick it across

the horn where the lines are right there

and the marks on the anvil are the

measurements that I need and it doesn’t

matter if you’re making handmade shoe or

shaping keg shoes that saves you two

trips to the horse as you can see I

don’t go to the horse until the very end

and so I’m just making my shoe I have

the shape in my mind and measurements to

check the actual size right here

I can’t nail where that affected area is

so I’m putting my nails farther back

where my hammer is there and for more on

the front for holding power

so now I’ll go ahead and punch the

stamps for the nail heads that’s a head


that’s very specific every nail takes a

different kind of stamp lot goes into

making a handmade shoe I don’t do it all

the time but it’s nice to be able to

make whatever you need in tricky

situations like this it’s one of the

great advantages of going through the

AFA certification system

it’s just skill building doesn’t mean

you have to do it just means you can

right now I’m punching the nail holes

this is where it comes through and you

get to pick your pitch you get to do

everything custom heel nails are always

a little more up and down than the toe

nails flattening it out because there

can’t be any sole pressure so the inside

of the web has to be down I’ll be adding

the toe clip just take a little more

stress off the nail since it’s gonna be

a heart bar shoe and we’ll build the

nail and the strongest part of the foot

that’s where it’s missing


clips are very tricky a lot of people

don’t like them or have had bad

experiences with them clips are should

be like rebar and concrete it should

make it stronger and right here I’m

setting it to the angle of the hoof wall

and I’m measuring it right there too

just a hair big tighten it up and then

I’m checking the heel right there so I

already have everything planned out

right there it’s got to fit the radius

of the toe so it’s not just bend it over

burn it in like it has to fit exactly

into the wall or it comes off tears more

foot off and improperly applied clips I

believe is why people don’t like clips

right here I just marked it and then I

clip it clip the hole out for where my

toe clip will be so that I don’t have to

burn as much

and this horse doesn’t have a lot of

foot so I have to be really careful on

over burning it so what I’m trying to do

is just set my clip I caught myself

burning my toe clip a little off-center

so now I have to Reno and fix that move

it over and other than that though you

can tell that the shoe fits pretty well

and that goes back to all the

measurements that we did so some minor

adjustments to the shoe and then Tyler’s

gonna weld a heart bar in it the whole

idea of the heart bar is to ultimately

make it a prosthetic limb he should feel

like he has a normal roof because all

the pressures on the Frog and the good

hoof wall and none of the pressure is on

the bad where he’s missing all of the

hoof wall and the corium is exposed

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