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How Horse Remedy Helps HIV and AIDS Neighborhood

How Horse Remedy Helps HIV and AIDS Neighborhood
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How Horse Therapy Helps HIV and AIDS Community | NBC Left Field

Tremendous more than 25 years since the first deaths due to HIV/AIDS, the community of those affected by the disease is still reeling from the loss of so many friends…


a lot of people that have had traumas

and fear able to overcome both of those

through developing a partnership with

the horses for the last 20 years

Sonny rose has used horses to help those

infected and affected by HIV and AIDS in


horses are stoic they’re regal they’re

understanding they are kind and they can

be your best friend this week tag is

back on horseback that is because of a

comment from Kevin he told us we had to

go meet sunny and her amazing friends at

the Life Group my very first rodeo was

an international gay rodeo Association

sanctioned rodeo I won the buckle for

the barrel racing by the end of the

rodeo we had already made friends that

were sincere and honest and you could

feel the camaraderie whether they were

gay or straight it didn’t matter and at

the next rodeo they didn’t show up so

when you start asking questions people

said oh he’s got that aids me

it became real very quickly in Los

Angeles a memorial has been dedicated to

the 58,000 people who have died of AIDS

a lot of people died but some people

lived and we’re having post-traumatic

stress disorder

over 99% of those long-term survivors

are suffering from this it all made

sense because I was fighting not to be

one of those two statistics and begging

for help and nobody knew what to do or

they wouldn’t help me it hadn’t really

crossed my mind how I could make a big

difference in for the masses but I knew

how I could make a difference for those

of them who were close to me and and

following that bringing people up to the

ranch and letting them live out here

comfortably doing whatever they wanted

to do yes you know whether it was sleep

all day rest all day or be out play with

the horses

it wasn’t until 1996 that I decided that

I would start an equine facilitated

mental health program I’m a therapist

and there’s a really powerful thing that

happens when you bond a human with a

horse horses have a way of sensing your

emotional well-being without you even

knowing what it is yourself

animal-assisted therapy has existed

since the 18th century and today it’s

most widely used to treat individuals

who’ve experienced trauma one recent

study found a 63 percent reduction in

problem behaviors among 30 children

after equine-facilitated therapy while

another found an increase in quality of

life among War veterans suffering from

PTSD so when we first started life group

la I thought well I’m a cowgirl why

don’t we do an AIDS ride on horses and a

number of people thought oh no I know

it’s not a fancy gala where we all get

to sit down in fancy clothes but we’ve

almost raised $60,000

it’ll help us significantly in being

able to continue to provide our weekend

seminars for people who are either in

fact they’re affected by HIV saddle-up

has absolutely given people regardless

of disease regardless of any sort of

trauma or bad experience in their life

has given them a lot of Liberty a lot of

freedom a lot of expression it’s an

animal that’s rooted in spirituality it

is an all nonverbal permissive loving

creature and I think she gets that I

don’t even know she realizes it

Sonny is willingness exemplified she’s a

horse it’s not a pandemic anymore but

AIDS is not over certainly we want to

get to zero by 2020 that would be in my

lifetime I would love to see that happen

but we can’t become complacent

what a cookie yes okay there you go

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