Ukrainian Everyday Life

How to Have Successful Relationship with Ukrainian Ladies

How to Have Successful Relationship with Ukrainian Ladies
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Date with Ukrainian girls. Real Love Story. Testimonial video from Jean-Luc and Inna

Tremendous – How to get Success in Dating With Ukrainian Women?

Watch video with a real and happy story about amazing couple, Jean-Luc and Inna.

They share with you their own experience and give you some advice.



I’m on Okinawa so you can get in debt

and expenses encroaching much America I

help men from all over the world to find

love in Ukraine I specialize in in

coaching the single men who have been

unlucky in love and then successful in

dating give Ukrainian women made liars

and scammers I am sure was a more

positive and effective powerful to find

a lot of beautiful sitters and almost

ladies here also it has a dating you

marriage agency Ukraine princess

and today I would like to introduce one

wonderful couple here were very kind to

accept my idea to record interviews and

share with you and me we are successful

and happy now stone and firstly not all

couples who met each other give my

helping can come low for such a meeting

survey he would like to stay here in

privacy but I am lucky today you to meet

talking with meet interview for some

beautiful people

jean-luc in a good unit thank you so

much for coming

I am very glad to see you and you look

so happy and if you don’t find I would

like to ask you some questions about you

and all your failure to be together and

got married and so a single man who will

watch this video we’re here can inspire

to buy here your successful story and

maybe get some useful advice from you so

let’s start with you tell us a little

bit about yourself please

so I am Arizona can

and I have two children I was married 28

years with my ex and after my divorce I

decided to move to to find a girl in

another country so it was a Ukraine

because I like this country and I like

the people from this country

yes my name is Xena I am 30 years old I

have never been marriage I don’t have

children so it’s my first okay I would

like to ask you after divorce how long

time you have been a single and if you

and why you did okay you can you say

well you decide to find the second

health in abroad so maybe enough you

tell us why you decide to look for a man

from another country because I was in

relations for eight years and it

happened nothing as you told so I

decided to search for love somewhere

abroad maybe I wasn’t in my bed we’ll

have more luck was there might be people

more serious and I know how foreigners

take care about you playing girls so I

decided to try it was like just tried

okay and how long have you been very

single before you met

not one time because after my lingerie

relations I was in like challenge

relations with one Egyptian guys so it’s

like who was stopped and very quickly

it’ll look foreign to me and we started

to communicate so it’s even not one time

did you were search for Ukraine y’know

how it was very quickly and I remember

you know it says it was very quickly

because after my first speak with you

Instagram I decided to define girl from

crane and I saw some profile but I see

the profession in the so I decided to

send you to to have some advice and was

a fun number to start to communicate

with you know I did it in France at the

beginning just bejust after my divorce

but it was not efficient and I

understood after him because I was in

relation with Turkish women six seven

seven months and I understand that I

wanted to to find girl from another

country because he’s another culture is

different life and so I’m very

interesting by this by this way and to

find a new people for new country form

is very interesting and it it was one of

a rhythm I have to do is to help of my

my English because it was very bad

English at the beginning remember we

shot a little bit at the beginning

because she didn’t understand me

Oh me didn’t understood this was very

sometimes very difficult but we finish

to continue to to try to

some kind in together and because we

wanted to know more about us it was so

it’s a reason why we are together today

I wonder how did you find me and what

was your first impression maybe about me

and my dating agency princess since

first contact and it was hard to trust

someone and believe me yes sure maybe

because we can a lot of things in Europe

about it we had website dating so it’s

difficult to understand and to and to be


this is sure but III understand at the

first time I start to trust to you when

you ask me to send you my passport to

send you my my ticket flight hotel van I

will leave on my and my booking so I

understand that you take care from euro

ladies so it was very young I I started

this at this moment to believe about

this and after my first meet in Kiev

with in Ravena I will the program

laughter so you found me in Instagram we

start to talk and and you you send me

the link for your website and I so

different ladies and the first time I

saw you know that I liked the most is a

penis in in his eye in her eyes very big

smile and very penis and I I wanted to

find some girl because even if I’m 49

I want to new family heaven if I had to

boy I want to have daughter and I wanted

I did not want to find the girl

more young than me only because it’s

more young is because I want to new

family I want to have new new daughter

and to continue my life so and the most

important I saw in the profile from

inner is the honest girl and the girl

how it can be you I don’t like lie

because I can expect to live with

someone delay starts this is not my

conception of the life so it was the

were the most important for true Tina

you in the first buy her pictures

because she right she was happy

beautiful yes but do you remember what

kind of picture she had do you still

remember it in your in your mind my mind

is when she she lay on the grass this

picture stay a long time in my computer

and no no I remember well this picture

in your shop

yeah because man you sure idea remember

all their life – first picture he’d have

seen will he survive yes it’s true

ok and why here I would like to know

until you share your experience Howard


so when you decide to meet how it was in

the first meeting

mm-hmm No so uh so I’m one guy I don’t

like to wait when I decide something I

do it you start talking was that 20 May

20 May we start at the evening but she

was yes yes I remember and but I’m guy I

don’t like to wake when I decide to do

something I will do it so we we start to

communicate on Friday and if I remember

well on Sunday I decide to go in care

because we have two days speak all of

the all of the day without stop if I

remember well and I decide to to take

flying and I think she was very

surprised because I send my ticket right

to come in Jeff immediately didn’t

expect yes and check you came after two

weeks two weeks because if not this

reason he wanted to call me immediately

I wanted to come next week I wanted to

come the weeks after but I couldn’t have

this time because I have my children one

week every two weeks it was week with my

trainer so I decided to go after and it

will be the 7 June the my first time in

Jeff was very nice and in was Worth

Airport yes yes I remember

was discussion about John you come and

you say that he would like minion and it

was his first time and Kia you know

nothing here so I can airport and in

first evening I showed him to my friends

because it was like submitted with my

friends in Center I propose you John

Luke told was player and became so some

of friends so him is the first time when

I when he came in queue and we did not

know at the time that we will have

something after voice likeness when you

just start to talk did you feel that you

have some good connection but it was

immediately when we start to communicate

it will be very easy to speak together

and I will really feel if I remember I

feel good I feel I have good feelings so

let’s go alright let’s try let’s see

communicate sure I can tell that it was

a love from first chatted sure no but it

was very easy and were a light

conversation and it was I was waiting

like his message it was like this every

time I was waiting to message yeah

position for me and how it was your

first meeting what did you do and how

many days you have been around so I’m

stayed two days two full days Saturday

and Sunday and in tech me everywhere in

Kiev so she wants you know like yoga yes

yes yes yes I was guest and the most

important thing the most like popular

thing satire show every symptom and if I

remember I was very tired because I work

at a lot of yes very a lot and

did you like you know I like if even now

when I came when I came to Kiev it’s

like for me Allah day because it’s only

the it’s like my home to be to be

relaxed and to take rest

even I’m here for work I’m in hotel and

nice when I’m in the parents in his

parents home

mmm I’m very good I sleep good

I sleep late I can take rest it’s very

nice ok and after first meeting after

first meeting we decide at the Sunday

last evening the last evening I asked

you know because I I needed to go in

Lisbon Portugal for my work and I

proposed in not to come with me to meet

me in Paris took in Lisbon and after to

come back in in Paris for two days and

to meet my family and weekend and I

proper this before to come and yes I

asked you already I will take your

ticket and so she decided to come and

the evening after she bring me

in Oh Tina Ison our ticket yes no yes

it’s very important I didn’t expect I

was thinking maybe he told ok Hotel yes

and yeah

yes I came home I said stick of already

found somehow how it is fight when wait

wait and I think it’s very important

when you have a Russian ship with a

person from another country to continue

to stay and to and to and to Cheadle

before to go the next and this is the

most important like this you know when

it was one week one week one week three

or four days in Portugal two days in

Paris on Monday inland because I live in

in lots of friends and she met for the

first time my parents and after shame

aunt of John yeah up John and I know but

it was you know to be honest it was a

dream of all my life but it was

something interesting if one day someone

I will propose me to go yeah I will go

with pleasure because when cello came I

had a picture on my on my phone with

Eiffel Tower and such a look asked me

they want to go so I thought no it’s

just like this it just like the pictures

but at the toss these words if someone

will propose me sure ever go and they

forgot about this and after when he

proposed and he told they remember what

you told I liked someone so I proposed

system that was like this and you went

because Wheaton you

didn’t you didn’t afraid to go to

another country and we don’t know why no

I didn’t feel that I’m afraid I trust

him you don’t know what I really don’t

know what and how it was your short trip

talking second meeting it was it wasn’t

relations no no yes I just understand

but for one week and we spend a lot of

time together and so it was very nice

because for myself I discover lisbonne

she disclosed the same and we came back

after in English bond for a second time

and it was amazing with the second time

because it was with her Ashanti so it

was more better and also look shot me

Disneyland Disneyland I was dreamin yes

I don’t did not remember and how many

times did you meet each other before to

got engaged to be his wife how much

thousand times meet each other of how

much time you saw each other every two

three weeks

no maybe less because she can end up

June I can start off to lie she come

back end of July

one week on holiday with my children at

this time our relationship started and

after I come back with four he organized

my city year’s birthday after submitting

focus I came again to YouTube every two

weeks we met awesome he didn’t want to

let me longer than two weeks away yes

yes is very important and I remember in

I wanted to find new job and in June by

women and at the beginning I thought no

I don’t want to find life yourself you

need something I’m here but because I

prefer you can be free and available to

come and – and – and to travel with me

even for my job so I think it was a good

decision to do it so short meeting it

was like you know start to be in

relationship right in the third when I

came back after this one when I came

back in you speak about when did you

speak about it no I think it was like no

it’s not let’s try discussion mm-hmm

that’s attendant and she have a very

nice photo I speak about your photo in

Instagram so the after yes okay and you

visit visited

look second test second date like and

what did you feel when you come to his

hometown did you like it yeah but it was

a rainy day it was very quickly but I

liked because in the day I saw his

sister she came I saw parents and I

tried exactly French dish yeah it was a

scallop yeah and he tried to show me

everything because his French cheese he

it was like one day but it would look

quickly everywhere even to show French

pop so it was like I like I like because

really it’s it was nice it was

interesting but Shah Baba retired

because a lot of flight and it was like

the last day and a little bit tired but

like it was not he tried to make

everything like good to feel for me or

comfortable so you feel like you can

live and be enriched nice like you can

do it yes because this movie isn’t more

important question doesn’t matter well

when she tried two months a lot in

France with me because in our goose the

middle of August to middle of September

she was with me at my home and travel

with my work and she came back in grace

degrees because I have remember I had

one meeting for three days so we staying

in attends three days and we come back

in France and she stay we until the last

day she can stay in Europe because she

uses a 90 days to stay in France yes I

said a lot of times also why I little

booth got a little bit used to this but

we’ll see and tell you when you


you’re right woman which you want to be

after when she came for the first time

for long a long time after one months in

the in September I understand when she

she came back in Kiev I I’m staying a

long time without you now it’s the most


no I don’t want I don’t want she stay

she need to come back look understood it

before me so like we started traditions

but I didn’t think in the time I can’t

live I can go on on my VA I can tell if

you could leave Ukraine I think

beginning of November I understood that

I can’t live without this person yeah

let me Kate was like relational Santos

even say but in the beginning you have a

lot of down and down yeah like he was

not sure yes something like yes good

person ever sink whatever simple but I

don’t know I don’t know in the beginning

of November I understood no I can’t and

the difference of age the beginning also

like have 18 years difference so it was

little bit soon little bit stressed

because I was afraid how my parents what

what their reaction can be and

you know even your kids yes she fine and

Mikey Mikey my children is a very appear

that I am Maria in now and even I didn’t

see my big my big boy clothes like this

from every match even a love so right

she don’t try to be a mother but she

just woman from I think French yeah I

always laugh and like oh it’s now your

children will call me mother I don’t

think my children but now I have to hit

the big ten and twelve years and help

you parents your family how well you did

you like your idea but you are going to

married evening everyone my first idea

to go to meet a girl from another

country it wasn’t a good idea but after

time they understood that’s yes yes yes

I wanted something and when I take this

season I know where where I go so the

understand this in December so very

after a long time and

no next time for weeding mother

organized a lot of things at our master

weeding to bring something with guests

and no other meanings was difficult but

finally it was very nice and very good

winning I want my my father is a big

girl like this it finish to even to try

to speak with with brother our cuisine

when when they came for winning so we

can understand parents because yes this

difference in age is ever afraid if I

just want to use him to come in France

or maybe I will just play and up table

break his heart and they don’t want this

the same the same my parents were

thinking why he decided to come you are

just toy for him or Road so and after

Wednesday you don’t look more when he

stayed in my home a long time and when I

came a lot of time in France so calm

down because just to to say again when

she came from France end of November it

was impossible for not to come back in

France before middle of January but I

spend free time in Kiev and I don’t let

inner to choose I don’t know I coming

here but I will not take Hotel I will

live in your parents even I taught at

the Beacon no no wait maybe hotel maybe

hotel not at your home mm-hmm it’s about

fun it was everything great and what’s

your current things Realty


I’m excited

no no I know that Europe it’s not so far

so I can easily come home and as it

means that I will go and I will come

back to Ukraine just one time in one

year I will come back maybe I hope my

parents will come also yes I hope to

because I want to awaiting the disco so

I think it will not be problem because I

have two girlfriend for merit from other

man from Europe and it’s not a problem

say live good lives I have children so

it’s not a problem

whatever difficult did you pass at the

beginning because difficult not

understanding even different accent

you’re speaking so you’re speaking so

tried to change who I don’t understand

II it was a lot of work this was really

difficult because shouting at the

beginning because of this understand

means yeah after without it was children

it wasn’t a problem so no it was easier

from the beginning of what else it was

if you miss the difference between

mentality you know like culture it was a

problem not too much it’s we’re like

similar maybe some just something mmm

how you eat what you eat but it’s like

not important it’s not like problems

it’s more interesting to discover it’s

not much big difference in culture we

like active life I don’t like to spend

time because I’m like this not every

French is like this so it was close by

character will close my business wise

he’ll need to cut is different between

age a difficult week document

get marriage in French little bit a

little bit yes because you need to wait

long difficult it was this but if you

push like government yeah yes but you

need to know and to read all of in

Internet in the different official

website and when you follow this will

you follow the procedure and also the

comment you need the first time we we

went but our document to to have wedding

in France only one document we didn’t

have because we’re waiting to receive

from translation of born at of ena and

we will see this only one days after I

go in travel so I after we need to wait

I come back to put this document so it

was long for this and is the RAM patent

so for us it was like this but to put

all of document in the same times

together is more easy after to have data

reading into a validation of the winning

at the beginning

she not not nomination needed to have

interview in oversea inferencing keV and

me in Lille and finale because she went

she went in France

I think middle of January we have in the

iBook interview and after interview or

even we know how yes you can married so

we fixed that ask you I stand up

questions just to understand how much

time you meet and how much about your

decision but I I had less questions in

the first and after no it’s separate I

was waiting afters invited me and afters

invite us together to speak about

afterward we communicate it’s about to

this interview I understood that I had

less questions I think um as I just


I told you understood uh-huh he told the

same ok so next I think yes but at the

beginning I am I taught you in a

pleasure you are in interview yourself

be yourself don’t don’t try don’t try to

lie to to be more nice no be yourself is

the most important know if you are

yourself is not programmed did you bring


did they ask you to show we hit every

single mobile so I understood if I need

to show we can show and look at all of

my tickets on email everything so when

the sort of he will ask about Elton life

in our passport you have all of stand

for communal in Europe so maybe the

reasons that the guy who might just

interview he was like current because

when I read comments before to go and

interview I really expected worse we

were we were nervous but okay and you

had a wedding in France yeah

after interview after one month we could

hear and it was on 23rd of February and

we had it like little part in France

yes wedding like little party just the

most close friends and family and I’m

going to celebrate their wedding here in

Ukraine here were planning because my

parents unfortunately couldn’t receive

passport so quickly because wedding I

have I decided to make it quickly as

possible man yeah so we will make again

like little party here in Ukraine little

party normal party we will see but we

will do some some kids but a little bit

later because now when it’s a way to

what documents what plans you have a


oh you know I let you answer all these

questions sure we we want family

election looked at at the beginning I

have a lot of things I have a lot of

wishes but sure don’t want to tell about

everything because if I go tell nothing

will come true but that we want to

continue and with my job is not easy to

understand because I travel a lot today

we live in a town the most of the time

is in hotel and when I come back in

France I live in my parents home and

when we come back in Kiev we live in in

us parents

I believe I mean even which country so

we’ll see yes and where you would like

to live in France this can depend the

whole job but if I’m moving now it’s

good at the beginning who ever think I

know just friends now I understand if it

will travel the same and we will spend

just a little time and have a home even

if it would be Ukraine

let it be not a problem what’s important

that you are – yeah

ok I think it’s very nice if you give

some tips for people who are searching

for Maryland don’t try to do it when you

want something when you try to do it if

you try you will not have success so do

individual it’s a very big advice I can

give for all of guy and I think is very

important to stick close when you start

to communicate with the relationship the

most close answer most of time

it’s not it is very difficult to our

relationship with

someone from another country when you

are far so is very important that you

can take a lot of time to go to me to

understand too long this person and

after while you really start you need to

continue to do it to take care of you

share some wishes so thank you and you

know what tips you can from your human


women can give many looking for

Ukrainian women and Ukrainian woman who

is such a gentleman

yes I want to tell that like John Locke

told don’t try to do everything quickly

if you found goal try to find time try

to come in Ukraine as soon as possible

try to see aunty feel personality in

real don’t try to wait until you will

have vocational qualities because girls

will not wait they will not wait they

will find other men who will be more

must beat more more heart in his room in

his decision if man just want and will

do nothing he will never get because the

Ukraine will like when man quickly do

something we expect this we don’t like

when man sink along like woman or

something what I can tell to Ukrainian

girls try to find time to spend with man

if he came to you so spend with him more

time as you can not just one hour on 30

minutes and you go on other date and try

to find try to show something it’s

important even to understand how he is

in this situation as this even to take

him in different place with a lot of

people not a lot of it’s really

important and also I want to tell for

girls find time even to chat if you will

not answer

manual things that you’re not interested

in him he will start to communicate with

other girls so it’s also time to it’s

right video and you deserve to be happy

and I wish you all the best and hope to

see you again thank you so much for

watching this video

believe in love and subscribe on my

youtube channel

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