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Reasons to Visit Historic Kiev Capital City of Ukraine

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Awesome Kiev is the Capital City of Ukraine. 

Beautiful Kiev (also known as Kyiv), is located on the Dnieper River. 

Kiev is the largest city in Ukraine, with nearly three million residents, and has all the amenities of any major city.

While the winter months are quite harsh, the summer months are hot, with mid-70s average temperature.

Because the city of Kiev cultivates tourism, visitors can easily get around to see the marvelous sites of this cultural center.

The Kiev Metro system helps visitors to quickly get to and from major attractions, and the trolley buses and trams provide an above-ground view of the city.

Kiev is steeped in history, so tourists will admire the architecture of:

* St. Michael’s Cathedral,

* St. Sophia’s Cathedral,

* St. Andrew’s Church,

* Zoloti Vorota and, of course,

* Michael the Archangel’s statue in Independence Square.

But no visit to Kiev would be complete without a trip to St. Vladimir Hill to see the Prince Vladimir Monument, a huge bronze statue, or to the Monastery of the Kiev Caves, an underground monastery.

Kiev is host to a wide range of theaters, orchestras, and galleries for those with a historical inclination.

The city really has something for everyone, from the Kiev Opera House and the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater to the National Museum of Russian Art and the Kiev Circus.

Kiev is also popular for its trees and lush vegetation, so every tourist should have a trip to the Kiev Botanical Gardens.

The Central Botanical Garden boasts 13,000 varieties of trees and plants, while the A.V. Fomin Botanical Gardens are home to many rare species of flora.


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