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Odessa, Ukraine: Europe’s Biggest Summer Time Metropolis

Odessa, Ukraine: Europe's Biggest Summer time Metropolis
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Magnificent Odessa, Ukraine: Europe’s Greatest Summer City. 

Odessa, Ukraine is an amazing city very close to my heart on the Black Sea.

Welcome back to another
episode of the Tsar Experience with me

Conor Clyne this is a really special
episode it’s the end of summer vlog from

Odessa Ukraine. It’s been another amazing
couple of months here on the shores of

the Black Sea in Ukraine in Odessa Mama and this
video is going to be dedicated to why

this city is Europe’s greatest summer
location. Come with me!

– We heard that Odessa is the most criminal city in Ukraine. Be careful!

– Bombs are falling just once a day in various places on the city so the chances that they fall on your head …

– I think the only bombs falling here are the
blonde bombshells that litter the

streets everywhere just littered the streets …

So behind me you can see the port of
Odessa and that should actually give you a

strong indication what type of city this
is. It’s a maritime city. It has a very

strong historical and modern connection
with the seaside. It is a city with a

population of 1 million people but that
dramatically increases during the summer

as people swell in from all over Ukraine
and other parts of the world to enjoy

the seaside here. So let’s go and take a
look around the city!

That guy behind me is Duc de Richelieu.
He was the founder of the city and there

you can hear a very French name. That gives you an indication of the European flavor that

the city had when it was founded. Now let
me read for you what actually Mark Twain wrote

about visiting Odessa. So Mark Twain
the famous American author he wrote in

his travelogue: Innocents Abroad and I’ll
quote you: “I mentioned this statue …”. That’s

the Richelieu statue beside me “… and this stairway …”

Potemkin Steps “… because they have their story.

Richelieu founded Odessa watched over it
with paternal care, labored with a

fertile brain and a wise understanding
for its best interests spent his fortune

freely to the same end endowed it with a sound prosperity and one which will

yet make it one of the great cities of
the Old World.” So the ‘Old World’ meant ‘Europe’

there so even Mark Twain agreed this
city was destined to become Europe’s greatest city.

So I’m on Langeronskaya Street here
right beside the Opera House in Odessa

Count Andrault de Langeron,
very French name of course he not only

gave a name to this street but also to one
of my favorite seaside areas which is

Langeron another example of French
influence here on the city.

So now I’m walking down the iconic
Potemkin Steps just besides the statue

Duc de Richelieu these were originally
200 steps that were later reduced to 192

and we’re designed by an Italian
architect Francesco Boffo and who

can forget that iconic scene in early
cinema in Battleship Potemkin after

which the steps are actually renamed. They weren’t originally called the Potemkin

Steps but because of this amazing film
in black and white by Sergei Eisenstein

these stairs have been renamed the
Potemkin Steps and they are an iconic

part of the city’s landscape another
example of where you know Western

European Italian influence has impacted
so heavily on the city and how the city

has given back to the world to European

Let me tell you something about what
greatness really is. It’s not about

monuments, historical sites it’s about
the energy the people you meet the

atmosphere the spirit of the city the
amazing memories that are created here

and that Odessa Mama you have in
abundance. Can’t wait to see you next

summer! [Russian] Goodbye! See you soon! [Italian] Ciao!

[English] Completely dead!

GIve it a like, subscribe to the channel, leave a comment below and of course, welcome to Odessa!

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