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OMG! Impeachment WITNESS Stuns Adam Schiff on HEARING Ukraine

OMG! Impeachment WITNESS Stuns Adam Schiff On HEARING – Actual Ukraine G
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OMG! Impeachment WITNESS Stuns Adam Schiff On HEARING – Real Ukraine Gets EXPOSED

Mind-blowing… hi and welcome back to our YouTube

channel in this article Schiff goes nuts

shuts down hearing after real Ukraine

crime gets exposed Adam Schiff is having

a really bad first day in the open

impeachment hearings not only are his

star witnesses bombing but the GOP is

also exposing the real Ukraine crime in

fact when representative Devon Nunez was

getting close to exposing that truth

Schiff went nuts and stopped the hearing

then Schiff was left red-faced after

noon yes and his GOP colleagues

proceeded to shame him on live TV

you’ll love this house until chairman

Adam Schiff interrupted House

Republicans questions of ambassador Bill

Taylor on Wednesday a stunning breach of

congressional order the Republican

council questioned Taylor about whether

he could understand that Trump was

concerned that some Ukrainians had

worked against him in the 2016

presidential election what is just

stunning about these first two star

witnesses is their dereliction of duty

both witnesses testified to being the

United States big experts on Ukraine

working inside Ukraine for the last

several years yet neither of them had

any knowledge of their Ukrainian

counterparts actively engaging in

subverting our 2016 presidential

election either they are both lying or

they are both really bad at their jobs

that’s why shift shut down the hearing

after Republicans were only 10 minutes

into their questioning warning

ambassador Bill Taylor not to assume

facts not in evidence before him were

correct Schiff claimed the facts not in

evidence is Ukrainian officials who

admitted they were working with the

Democrats in 2016 to dig up dirt on the

Trump campaign and any question the GOP

had about those facts the witnesses did

not have to answer

are you seriously interrupting our time

here House Minority Chairman Devin Nunez

asked incredulously representative John

Ratcliffe protested shifts sudden rule

change after

Kratz spent the first portion of the

hearing with leading questions and

hearsay I sat here through the first 45

minutes and literally had an objection

to almost the foundation of almost every

question that Democrats attorney mr.

Goldwyn asked regarding facts not in

evidence leading he’d fired back at

Schiff Schiff got all red-faced stating

he was merely instructing the witness

you want to start changing the rules

again Radcliffe asked Schiff forcefully

because then you are going to get a very

different kind of hearing I guarantee

you that as a former federal prosecutor

and you’re not going to like it not one

bit because every one of your questions

is based on hearsay and is totally

leading this hearing would be over

representative mark meadows tweeted John

Ratcliffe making a great point Adam

Schiff just apparently changed the rules

mid hearing virtually every question

Democrats asked was leading hearsay or

some other federal evidence rules

violation now shift seems to be saying

he can enforce those rules unreal but

that’s not all a little later in the

hearing representative Ratcliffe who was

just on fire point-blank asked the two

witnesses if there was anything

impeachable about Trump’s July 25th

phone call ambassador Taylor and mr.


is there anything impeachable from that

phone call anything anything at all

Radcliffe asked as the camera panned to

the witnesses a hush fell over the

hearing total silence Ratcliffe waited

before he spoke again for maximum effect

as this hit the very core of what these

hearings should be about Bill Taylor

turned to the other witness George Kent

knowing that they had nothing to say

nothing to say at all another key point

was representative Jim Jordan

hammering ambassador Bill Taylor about

how he is just not a credible witness

when it comes to any of the key issues

Jordan reads from part of ambassador

tailors prior testimony from the secret

hearings ambassador Taylor recalls that

mr. Morrison told ambassador Taylor that

I told Mr Morrison that I conveyed that

message to mr. your Mac on September the

1st 2019 in connection with vice

president spends –is visit to Warsaw

and day meeting with president Solinsky

representative jordan said we have six

people having four conversations in one

sentence and you just told me this is

where you got your clear understanding

representative jordan added making his



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