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SINOPTIK Donbass New Official Video 2019

SINOPTIK Donbass New Official Video 2019
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Champion SINOPTIK – Donbass | New Official Video 2019

A new historically themed video by Ukrainian rock power trio SINOPTIK, who won the title “The world best rock band” in Berlin (by the version of Global Battle of the Bands), the only independent Ukrainian band who rocked the 80000 people Olympics Stadium in Kiev.

After touring heavily around Europe SINOPTIK are releasing a new video for one of the songs from their upcoming EP, scheduled for the autumn 2019. The trio released this video on August 25th to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Donetsk city, where the band was originally rooted.

The city was founded by British businessman John Hughes and quickly became Europe’s largest industrial center. But for the last 5 years Donetsk was heavily affected by the war situation both inside and outside it’s borders, and so far the war is still going on.

As SINOPTIK grew in the atmosphere of hard working industrial families with uneasy lives and complex destinies, it was important to reflect the spirit of unity and strength in this new video. The song itself is a creative version of the folk Donbass song.

And for this video musicians gathered young people from all over Ukraine to sing this historical song all together.

In September SINOPTIK departs on a large-scale charity tour #IHearILive which is aimed to raise funds for the diagnostic equipment for newborns with hearing problems in Ukraine. Fundraising is organized jointly with the Ukrainian Charity Market and the Svichado Charity Fund.



Misty mounds are sleeping still
Burned by suns and cold winds
Foggy nights are passing like
Caravans of haze

through the groves of crazy life
and across the greenest fields
He’s the young man just arrived
to the Donbass heath

Found himself in coal mine
many trusty friends he met
they forever changed his life
and it felt like home

pretty girls had sung him songs
of the eastern spirit’s strength
and he went to underground
to the bottom shaft

burning hot his working shifts
seems like real battlefields
It’s forever changed his life
and it felt so right

burning hot his working shifts
Solid rock his words and deeds
He’s the man who simply proud
That Donbass his home.

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