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Vyshevichi Radomyshl General Sanatorium Project

Vyshevichi Radomyshl General Sanatorium Project
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Vyshevichi Radomyshl General Sanatorium Requires Multi-Sports Fields and Indoor Exercise and Training Facilities. 

The General Sanatorium of the city of Vyshevichi Radomyshl combines with a Boarding School and provides both treatment for children with Cardiovascular Diseases.

While at the same time provides comprehensive education teaching for these unfortunate children.

An energetic sports regime is essential for the return to health of these children and adequate multisports fields and indoor exercise and training facilities and equipment is desirable for the children’s recuperation.

Some children have come from conflict region of Ukraine and require special needs education, many other children have come from broken homes throughout the Zhytomyr region.

There are places for up to 275 children in this institution and the facilities are in dire need of reconstruction and also much new structures require to be installed.

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