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World Ballet Day at the National Opera of Ukraine

World Ballet Day at the National Opera of Ukraine
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Brilliant World Ballet Day 2019 – at the National Opera of Ukraine!

Natalia MATSAK, Anastasiia SHEVCHENKO, Jan VANA.

Rehearsal of leading soloists of the National Opera of Ukraine – online!

Teacher – Maksym CHEPYK.

On the piano – Olesia SHUTKO.





a little bit.








okay yeah

there are nuances now say

so good all all all

all finished everything I can it turned out

it’s us now

it’s not necessary now

the very beginning Nastya you approach

I don’t know God no later no matter you came over

I mean for my crime you look

she tilted her head then grew then

she remembered.

I did not understand well, probably come


then on hand saw then as something to

I don’t know how to tilt it

Yes now come here she will


a little bit not sure

so here is the first part of the good the entire was on

I liked this one

again are starting here is these spending normally

it was

I can’t say heaven doesn’t

like Nastia your late in time

stroke panel

you you are you get like this

what are you asking someone for

let’s build I don’t know what

can Alliance can somewhere not on reduce leverage

hand I don’t know now

ladder can be here is these the first spending

just do not understand the meaning of the pose.

either you’re asking someone for something or or

it’s just you put your hand on his shoulder

that you well and you on gave that

what’s going on

and you promise you posture is obtained

in fact what is there if we

I guess I should be but you

it turns out

tack passed him






and if that’s what I have to do

and if you do that a little bit

I have understood a little bit well, like water

become approach will become

until first look at clearly not on themselves

here is already normal pose each other

where it is not

don’t do anything with your shoulders

that shoulder’s up to his head just a little bit

it is a little bit more to get somewhere

there he you not broadcast there you like it or

it’s so good to do it and do it



you can make the horizontal bar even more confident.

finger up


3 Mar area

take up is convenient comfortable

then immediately I begin to go out to you


I would


a little bit in a little pull found

fire place

don’t do one two

full face about hell Bureau I’m starting to walk you

under and under here then abruptly cut off

selection to wrap

well the litter is now raised is easy to

it was good

no then it’s okay here

here we go


Ah Yes here is again same the second approach here is

this Yes well I can

Yes but now here is his mouth deduced

no when you do it to the music.

in a different way a little excitement

clamped and relaxed.




I don’t like it there


Adam very recent

when that’s a lot

and first

well you don’t sit down as you like well you


that’s how fat I was and that’s your head

here between you hole 50 centimeters Ah Yes

no I’m on you start from and times

stopped by you don’t multiply I won’t

there’s a squeeze

and snuggle yourself Yes it’s okay that’s all

from here she left him


its variations but only with the setting there

where goes comrade

on your knees






nothing like you the second time


both the first


here in Thai


she j

it is not just

that’s it you can put it like that

she’s a little bit like this

not in sight nor talk

record of the year

your feet

and here is the second time

you’re a feather and it’s a mutation

here, too, to

need its as would show Yes will painting


do not turn blue to spend through the first


no on legs still a small

that’s the second you do it

I don’t like this St tour de force

there you how uncomfortable it is clear

Yes here it is yesterday too

Yes here is so same there crusade Yes here is then


come out

going to

Yes, that was the movement here turned out

just the opposite

and here is simply to the second phase now.

no this you can do this with your hands

try look

only hand hand is 2



now I’ll get used to it it’ll be okay she me

I watch the matches cut the city here it is

want until 2 hands not was





we must but how will it go

on 1

well then

safer on 1 do

Yes Yes

just cabinets often like


pass worry and then between enter

Yes better and more reliable on 1

here is after wounds versiyam not lower the drenched


a little lower immediately into battle.


look there Yes or not immediately you still

conversions on the market are already down


you when

the ladder is a variation of 8





so us inflated hands immediately

somewhere probably

have not below . there below

where is this remote and very

there until far until not here.


rampant from

somewhere far away a bit it can

create works times two so

1 2 pieces are not even that fast empty

the same Yes but you saw for yourself

you go on about it

not gone

now he

when here is these Rondo far head here is and

faith of the people

Ah of course have you 1 and 2 and again bug

here it is not reasonable I want to see when

can slightly here is this there a shovel and knows


now is obtained not in sight nothing and here is

when did these two Iranians get there

everything used to be good now you’re doing it

for a step like this, two blades to me

you show me before I sing.

hide Yes, that’s

here is so can as achieve

Yes Yes this this is the moment

then go out





and so it is where the head should be the posture and

phases and the books they write

here is here perhaps Yes have you is

here under the arm is the head up there eh

now there Yes Yes slightly slightly inaccurate already

on in a different way



you don’t look at the heart vessels at all.

stage makes my on stage hour

bare shoulder blade on and phase i


don’t look in mirrors


learning exhale here now just a little bit




better but don’t suffer less

suffering the same dream and you’re not a nightmare this is

a fun lucid dream

and well do one or two early versions and

the conversion of go



no here is the moment Anastasia this have no

you have a moment here and then here

understood there is no here is and here is here



and now hands hands better take away

here stop Yes Yes understand Yes Yes, and Council

Ah, bolder slightly-slightly here is hands

not on the first positions not 3 the first the second

and the third here to the deep so well






try it now

head to as on the stage of the country with work and

fall asleep see yourself 7 see of course not

so Yes







well with him with the nims I

no flaws




all is well except one

no contact no throughout

all your dancing

need to seek

so now on technology 1 season on us and


when I well yeah not overstating my hand to the first

the guy who’s been here all year

again here it is to him should be Yes

Yes in relation to the forward rocker

you do these three squats on the floor


why now you see how harmful it is well

okay Yes upstairs

you already here is so I Yes with with your growth

cannot be 2 season until 2 season has lagged from I

why should you back all the time in a straight line



no that’s you rocker did the court not

steel directly going here going in a straight line

you’re falling behind


okay go ahead pam pam this this

get up off your knees and walk not through I’m on

it’s all working out now isn’t it

pam pam didn’t ask him to dance it

not bad nothing

a little late and if so

well that’s a good shoulder the first is

nothing but when you’re up there

is where you have the head where we

here’s where you get to the stage well Yes Yes

okay where do you want to turn this way or

still not there I wonder what it was


Yes the reports

can on hand slightly slightly until

here Yes simply eyes there Yes and already then

will here is another Yes he pam pam pam


now he sat down on his knee

you beat him and you’re without any


she leaned against his knee

to justify you’re around I guess

let’s see first

he in knee was him pie here is so without words you

with reversal and okay I here do as not

see you there

then you take a step look at it again

then send and I nothing there is obtained

Yes not to him you made Ah as would not not

he leaned against the bookshelf

see Yes perhaps and then do

here is this justify

here it is on here need to learn to get around

give that flock here after they get some were

better because we were yesterday

stayed everywhere Yes in the beginning everywhere

this there three times his bypass here is under and

after po breathing they were better now huh

I saw what you and I had next here

you lunge your arm is coming

through your bangs why Ah I here is can be

at all with hand and and do ugly

is that you wait

breathe did you go around I did

you’re going through the nave she called again

his gaze that’s it that’s it

yeah we got you here and this

now you can put it down and from here

here is so take

not like that


you just try

take your right hand to the side

no suit

Yes here to create well you bypass here I am

I walk around and I catch it and I’m already

here with hand ready nothing more

on the contrary in short ugly this one

the moment you walk in from here with an elbow from

I on here is elbow to Jan is obtained I not

know already have adios

at least you can then too

and make restaurants


take me away too Papa

well she’s alive as it turned out

slightly-slightly times and then the still on the forehead itself

so spent

here we are here is already illogical further here is again

that’s the thing with the mirror


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