Ukraine Horror by Russian Invasion - WAR Declared!

The Russian government’s attack on Ukraine has put millions of innocent lives in danger. We stand with Ukraine to support their freedom and to defend democracy. If you wish to support Ukraine and its people in their time of need, please consider donating to DFS on PayPal

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Humanitarian aid is urgently required as a result of Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.

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ABOUT US : Distressed Family Support (DFS) is an established United Kingdom NGO ( A non-profit organization.) setup for the sole purpose of helping to bring awareness of the daily hardships endured by the orphans in Ukraine.  Please Help and Support our very Urgent Cause in alleviating the very Real Plight of the Orphaned Children of Ukraine.   Please Give a Gift of Hope Today by <<< Clicking Here to Donate >>> towards Our Orphan Children’s Aid Projects. May GOD Bless You Today and Everyday!

What happens when one country invades another and war is declared? As simple citizens, we lack the ability to make any significant difference during times of conflict.

We can only watch helpless at various internet social-media, news papers, television and radio networks, for current combat news reports. To see how the number of deaths and destruction of properties increases tremendously daily.

There is a lot of blood lost as a result of conflict, and there are always individuals left to mourn for them. Because men, women, and children are separated, many children will inevitably become orphaned as a result of conflicts. Unfortunately, many war orphans will have no parents or grandparents to whom they can return to.

Because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine we need your humanitarian assistance now.

We at DFS need your financial assistance in stockpiling as much fresh food and clean drinking water as possible at foodbanks, just like you would do preparing for natural disasters at home. As well as food banks we aim to create a safe escape corridor via Moldova to the United Kingdom and Ireland. Please find it in your hearts to aid us in helping the Ukrainian peoples during this horrific time of armed invasion of the Ukraine… Thank you!

Thank you for visiting Distressed Family Support… If you have any questions, comments, or need more information, email us at we do not collect or store information and all donations are totally anonymous!

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Thanking You – You helped me when I needed help, and did it willingly. I never shall forget the kindness that was shown to me. I owe a debt of gratitude that I can never pay. Thank you, thank you, thank you from my heart is all that I can say.

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” I am at Peace in the Face of Anger!